b0xio the Webinterface for the b0x appliance project

  • Webinterface for controlling the b0xio SOHO router appliance (own development)
  • Version: 0.1
  • Website this should soon get some own space here (anybody?)


  • OpenBSD
  • rrdtool
  • Python 2.7 (will upgrade to 3.x something soon...I think)
  • Flask (with some extensions)
  • httpd (with slowCGI extension) (hopefully)
  • virtualenvironment (for devel)
  • custom packages from pip see requirements.txt

How do I get set up?

  • Please refer to the wiki
  • How to run tests: inside the activated virutalenv cd into www/ and type in "py.test -v"
  • This is alpha so nobody should run this in PROD!

Contribution guidelines

  • Nothing so far just write me some email or such

Questions about $whatever?

Just write me :) * Dirk (dirk at fake.mx)