Sven Hager avatar Sven Hager committed 4c2db37

remove obsolete information about old guard encoding style

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 class AssemblerPPC(OpAssembler):
-    FLOAT_TYPE = '\xED'
-    REF_TYPE   = '\xEE'
-    INT_TYPE   = '\xEF'
-    STACK_LOC = '\xFC'
-    IMM_LOC = '\xFD'
-    # REG_LOC is empty
-    EMPTY_LOC = '\xFE'
-    END_OF_LOCS = '\xFF'
     FORCE_INDEX_AREA            = len(r.MANAGED_REGS) * WORD
     ENCODING_AREA               = len(r.MANAGED_REGS) * WORD
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