Roger Light committed 4df5cab

Local bridges now act on clean_session correctly. Thanks to Karl Palsson.

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 - Fix max_inflight_messages and max_queued_messages not being applied.
 - Fix documentation error in mosquitto.conf.
 - Ensure that QoS 2 queued messages are sent out in a timely manner.
+- Local bridges now act on clean_session correctly.
 - Fix "mosquitto_pub -l -q 2" disconnecting before all messages were
+	if(context->clean_session){
+		mqtt3_subs_clean_session(db, context, &db->subs);
+		mqtt3_db_messages_delete(context);
+	}
 	for(i=0; i<context->bridge->topic_count; i++){
 		if(context->bridge->topics[i].direction == bd_out || context->bridge->topics[i].direction == bd_both){
 			_mosquitto_log_printf(NULL, MOSQ_LOG_DEBUG, "Bridge %s doing local SUBSCRIBE on topic %s", context->id, context->bridge->topics[i].local_topic);