This is mqtt2cosm, a tool to provide a gateway between an MQTT broker and It is currently experimental, but seems to work. It isn't
supported on Windows.

Using this tool, it is possible to subscribe to topics on an MQTT broker and
map them to cosm feeds and datastreams.


Imagine a system where multiple sensors are reporting over MQTT in the topic
sensors/<location>/<measurement>, where <location> is the location of a
particular sensor such as "office" or "garage" and <measurement> is the type of
measurement such as "temperature" or "humidity".

With mqtt2cosm you could subscribe to sensors/+/+ to get data from all
sensors. You can then create topic mappings to cosm feeds such as below:

sensors/office/temperature -> feed 47080 datastream 0
sensors/garage/temperature -> feed 47080 datastream 1
sensors/office/humidity -> feed 47081 datastream 0
sensors/garage/humidity -> feed 47081 datastream 1

Each time a message appears on one of those topics, it will be published to cosm.