Implement a RGW Admin Ops API proxy layer (OP-1612)

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This RGW proxy takes care of the S3 authentication and offers the web frontend a resource which may be used to talk to the admin resource of the configured RGW host.

The configuration needs to be made in the backend/ The variable names are:





If a configuration value is missing, the API will return a HTTP status code 500 and a JSON body. The returned JSON object will contain a Code field, equally to the RGW Admin Ops API in case of an error. The code will be ConfigurationIncomplete.

The admin resource on the Rados Gateway is configurable using the RGW_ADMIN_RESOURCE configuration variable. It defaults to "admin". Note that the web UI has to use it's usual authentication method (including CSRF for POST/PUT/DELETE requests).

The API resource will be available using the api/rgw resource.

Resolves: OP-1612

See also: OP-2153, OP-2154

Signed-off-by: Patrick Nawracay

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