Pinnacle 21 Community

Getting Setup

  • Install Node.js LESS THAN VERSION 5, the highest 4.x
  • Insert java (osx), java32, and java64 folders at root (version 1.7.0_72)
  • Execute Commands
    • "npm install"
    • "npm install -g grunt-cli"
    • "grunt run" or "grunt dev" on the project path
    • Open app at /dist/pinnacle21-community-2.0.0/<your OS>/.../node-webkit.nw (or pinnacle21-community.exe)
  • A key component during build is the cache directory
    • windows: \desktop\cache\<nodewebkit version>\win

Packaging for Release/Testing

  • Ensure you have all of the latest configs from the Rules project or Google Drive (confirm with Max or Mike where the latest configs are).
  • Ensure the latest jars are in Artifactory or at the very least inside your .m2 folder. If they are not, run the maven goal 'install' in IntelliJ.
    • If you are building to test a jar or multiple jars, make sure you are on the correct branch(es) when you build and install the jar(s).
  • Delete the 'lib' folder (/components/lib) to ensure the correct jars are downloaded during packaging.
  • Run 'grunt dist --maven' inside the desktop project folder
  • Copy the 'components', 'java64' and 'java32' folders from the root into 'dist/open-cdisc-community-2.x.x/<your os>'
  • Grab the updated stylesheet from 'Google Drive/Engineering/Resources/CDISC/Define-XML-2.0/stylesheets/define2-0-0.xsl' and place it inside the '/components/reports' folder.
  • Test that the packaging process was successful by running 'pinnacle21-community' and running each jar. Verify that the output of the respective runs is correct.
  • Clear the reports folder of any generated files before release.

Components of root directory

  • src
  • components
  • java
  • java32
  • java64
  • node_modules
  • package.json
  • pom.xml

Common Issues

  • Uncaught Error: spawn EACCES
    • problem is most likely due to a file not being accessible, or that the permissions are not accessible. Currently the java folder is copied over without the correct permissions.