[4.4.0] Add custom test detector pattern for clover:setup

Issue #84 resolved
Marek Parfianowicz created an issue

Clover-for-Ant allows to specify custom test patterns - based on file names, class signatures and method signatures. This allows to integrate with test frameworks different than JUnit/TestNG/Spock.


Clover Maven Plugin does not have this option. Create an equivalent for clover:setup/instrument/instrument-test goals.

Challenge: test sources are currently based on Maven's source roots, so maybe we could use them, but still have file inclusion/exclusion filter? If not, try to implement testclass/testmethod at least.

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  1. Marek Parfianowicz

    Implementation is complete in clover-core and clover-maven-plugin.

    Found one limitation, reported enhancement #96.

    Remaining work: exploratory testing (regressions in Eclipse/IDEA), website documentation.

  2. Marek Parfianowicz


          <testClass> <!-- 0..N occurrences -->
            <testMethods> <!-- 0..N occurrences -->
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