This readme explain how to use the code to generate the OpenESB Studio with the current code.

What does I need

The OpenESB Studio can be generated with ANT, but the simplest way is to use a Netbeans or an OpenESB Studio We recommand (18S1) to use Netbeans 8.2. Netbeans can be found on the

How to do build openESB Studio ?

Step 01 get the code

Use Git to download the code. Netbeans can be used to do it but we found safer to use git directly

Step 02 Open the project

In netbeans, Open the main project netbeans-soa

Step 03 Clean the project

Clean the project netbeans-soa. This command downloads many jar file from the Netbeans platform.
It could take more that 15 minutes

Step 04 Build Run Debug the project

From now, you can run debug the project but also create a new package such as an windows or linux installer. You can also create NBMs or a Zip file that contains all you the exe and libs required to run OpenESB Studio

Need help

Please register to the openESB user list or on the OpenESB Nabble forum

Push Request

Please feel free to send your push request