# Account Chooser # This repository contains source files for the [OpenID Account Chooser Working Group (AC)] ( specifications. These specifications are in the following formats: * .xml format files are the original specification source, meant to be consumed by [xml2rfc]( before being read by humans. * .html and .pdf versions are rendered versions of the .xml, included for convenient reading. To file a bug report or enhancement, use the [issue tracker]( ## tl;dr ## There are have two current specifications, the Basic Profile and the Advanced API Integration spec. If you want to understand how things work, or you are a website owner who wants to implement Account Chooser and you don't want to write code, the [Basic Profile]( gets you there. If you are a coder and want to understand what's under the covers, the API Integration Spec is what you want. ### How do I contribute? ### * Join the mailing list or attend the bi-weekly phone conferences, information is available at * Note: an IPR agreement is needed to contribute, but not to monitor/learn