Back-Channel Logout 1.0 - draft 04

Issue #1012 resolved
Tom Jones created an issue

Section 1 "Another significant limitation of back-channel logout is that the RP's back-channel logout URI must be reachable from all the OPs used. This means, for instance, that the RP cannot be behind a firewall or NAT when used with public OPs." this confuses me. Is it not automatically true already for any RP supporting OpenID Connect?

Section 2.3 "OPs supporting back-channel logout need to keep track of the set of logged-in RPs" - I have no good idea what this means. I did not think that RPs were logged in. Could it mean "keep track of user logged in sessions at an RP"?

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  1. Michael Jones

    The "keeping track" language should be applied to Front-Channel Logout as well, as others also noted.

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