Make constructing entity metadata normative

Issue #1039 resolved
Andreas Åkre Solberg created an issue

Right now, the spec does not normatively mandate the semantics of a chain of metadata statements. This is crucial part of being able to use OIDC Fed to trust other entities, and SHOULD definitively be part of the spec.

The spec does describe the process of metadata flattening in Appendix A. Constructing Entity Metadata.

When fixing this issue, also remove this issue from Appendix C. Open Issues

| Why is the Constructing Entity Metadata appendix not normative? I believe that it should be.

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  1. Roland Hedberg

    We had both metadata flattening and constructing normative early on but got push back on it because it was felt to be to restrictive. I would be happy to make it normative again, I've always felt it should be.

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