Support multiple nationalities?

Issue #1092 resolved
Torsten Lodderstedt created an issue

Shall we support multiple nationalities? This question was raised by Marcos Sanz.

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  1. gffletch

    It seems like it’s safer to allow the nationality attribute to be an array, but if there is only one, it can be presented as the direct value of the claim. This is a something many specs with JSON data support. This provides a future proof mechanism while not requiring implementation of more than one until we have a clear use case.

  2. Torsten Lodderstedt reporter

    I‘m leaning towards having a single value as long as we do not have a use case.

    We can make it an array later if needed.

  3. gffletch

    Going from a single value to an array will be a breaking change. Probably ok if this is between implementors draft and final, but something to consider.

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