Messages, Standard - Meaning of login_required, session_selection_required and approval_required errors unclear

Issue #339 resolved
Michael Jones created an issue

Does login_required mean that the user either refused to login or couldn’t log in? The text should be clearer. Likewise, are these errors really related to prompt:none? Otherwise shouldn’t approval_required mean that the user didn’t approve and have a better name like “user_did_not_approve”? Under what circumstances would these errors be expected to arise?

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  1. Nat Sakimura

    Noted. However, I think the current text is clear enough.

    Please provide concrete text to make change.

  2. Michael Jones reporter

    I can't provide concrete replacement text at present because I genuinely can't discern from the present spec text whethe the intent of the errors is to say that the user declined to do something or the user wasn't able to do something. This is a critical semantic distinction, and one that isn't at all clear at present.

    Should the error be user_did_not_log_in or user_could_not_log_in? Likewise, should the error be user_did_not_approve or user_could_not_approve. The meanings are completely different.

    Are these errors expected to occur because of an active user choice or because of the prompt:none parameter? (We might actually need distinct errors for both cases!)

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