Basic - 2.4 How to access the user info endpoint?

Issue #550 resolved
Torsten Lodderstedt created an issue

Given the same origin policy, how is a JavaScript client supposed to access this endpoint? JSONP, CORS? Would it make sense to give advice to implementors?

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  1. John Bradley

    The client passes the server the access token in most cases.

    How to build a JS client is more of a general OAuth issue.

    However you make a good point for Standard, we should probably recommend CORS for user_info and check_id endpoints.


  2. Michael Jones

    The working group consensus is that Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) would be the right solution for JavaScript clients and that text to that effect should be added to Standard.

  3. John Bradley

    Fixes #550 Added reference to CORS for JS clients to user_info and check_id endpoints in Standard. The behaviour of the endpoints is not part of the basic client profile. This profile is not intended to describe a JS Canvas application that is accessing these endpoints directly. Other profiles will, and Standard has been updated to reflect that.


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