Discovery 2.1.2 - domain-literal and CFWS

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This draft does not clarify how to handle "domain-literal" and "CFWS" in "addr-spec".

(Also, "MUST NOT contain any syntax designated by that specification as being obsolete" prevents developers to use existing e-mail address parsers.)

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  1. Michael Jones
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    We should look into finding and using a simpler description of the e-mail address syntax than that in RFC 5322. John says that we may want to look into RFC 6531, which also defines internationalized e-mail addresses.

    What we want is left-part@right-part, where right-part is a domain name. The current spec allows comments and whitespaces, which is overkill.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    I agree that allowing comments and whitespaces is overkill. Definition like the following might be appropriate. addr = left-part "@" right-part left-part = dot-atom-text / quoted-text quoted-text = DQUOTE *qcontent DQUOTE right-part = dot-atom-text

    Alternatively, the Mailbox spec in RFC 5321 would solve the problem except that it allows IP address literals.

    I'm not familiar with internationalized e-mail, but consulting RFC 6531 and adopting a simple description would be fine. If I'm correct, the e-mail address syntax in RFC 6531 is based on the Mailbox spec in RFC 5321.

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