Messages 2.1.1 - Need to support crypto agility for hash computations

Issue #637 resolved
Michael Jones
created an issue

The at_hash and c_hash computations curently specify use of the SHA-2 algorithms. This should be generalized to support crypto agility - especially since SHA-3 is coming.

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  1. Nat Sakimura

    Hmm. I do not agree with the reason. SHA-3 is likely to be a special purpose algs and we do not foresee replacement to SHA-2 family of hash algorithms. For the bit length, it is already covered by the present text. It can do SHA-256, 384, 512, etc....

  2. Michael Jones reporter

    Providing this agility may create more complexity than it's worth. John will have a look at the wording. The intent is to reuse the hash associated with the signing algorithm, but this might be hard spec language to write and make understandable, and would likely create interop problems.

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