Decide whether we would do the re-factoring in this round

Issue #886 resolved
Nat Sakimura created an issue

We have run out of the time.

Shipping is the biggest feature. We need to start the 60 days review period now.

Our original plan was:

December 4, 2013 Final Approved November 27, 2013 Final Vote Starts November 13, 2013 Final Vote Notice Starts September 28, 2013 Final Review Period Starts

To finish by Christmas, we the deadline is to go with the Final review period on Oct. 18. We have only a week left.

December 24, 2013 Final Approved December 17, 2013 Final Vote Starts December 3, 2013 Final Vote Notice Starts October 18, 2013 Final Review Period Starts

As even if the refactored draft becomes ready for review now, we do not have enough time to review in detail within the working group to meet the above deadline. I propose to go with the current organization with minimal fix applied for the final.

We could do the refactored version as ISO PAS (Publicly Available Specification) which requires the change in the organization anyways. For the refactored version, I was deliberately following ISO directives to meet their requirements, by the way.

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  1. Vladimir Dzhuvinov

    The original spec organisation was good enough to get to where we are now and have first working implementations. I had a look at the new refactored spec and that appears to be a lot of work to go through. If the process allows for a refactored version at a later point, I will vote to stick with the current draft suite for now.

  2. Michael Jones
    • changed milestone to Final
    • changed component to All

    We will refactor.

    We will allow people to start voting earlier to accommodate people's holiday plans.

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