Discovery 4.2. OpenID Provider Configuration Response: Multiple claim values ambiguity

Issue #892 wontfix
Vladimir Dzhuvinov created an issue

Just finished reading draft 19 of the updated Discovery spec.

The only comment I have is regarding

"Claims that return multiple values are represented as JSON arrays. Claims with zero elements MUST be omitted from the response."

The first sentence is a bit ambiguous, I suggest we remove it entirely and just let readers refer to section 3 for the expected member value types.

Other than that everything seems fine! Good work!

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  1. Michael Jones

    There's a design principle that these sentences communicate. Alternative wording could be proposed, but particularly for people who are writing extensions that add new values, it's important to communicate this principle to them.

  2. Michael Jones

    I'm closing this as "wontfix" for now, per the comment above. But if you want to propose alternative wording, feel free to reopen the issue and add the proposed wording as a comment.

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