Create a document explaining "single logout" semantics

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Nat Sakimura created an issue

"Single Logout" seems to have multiple meanings. We should have a doc. that delineate them.

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  1. Nat Sakimura reporter

    Just recording the discussion on Sept. 3 that lead to this item.

                   Nat reported some parties may use SAML because OpenID Connect doesn't have a ratified logout spec
                   He also said that some enterprise people are inventing home-grown logout spec
                                  Shipping is a feature as well
                   We still need interop testing on the HTTP-based logout
                   The back channel logout spec doesn't yet exist
                                  Nat said that some people apparently are using extensions to SCIM for back channel logout
                                  He will try to find references to what those people are doing
                                  Mike expressed that requiring SCIM to do logout seems like unnecessary complexity
                   For the back channel logout, the OP would send a message to the RP containing the session ID
                                  There could be an ID Token authenticating the sender
                                  Some will want to log out a particular session - others will want to log out all sessions
                   Back channel logout could be broadly construed - for instance terminating refresh tokens
                   Nat raised the point about sometimes-connect clients
                   Nat said that some parties are interested in receiving logout acknowledgements
                   John said that having some concrete use cases might help
                   Brian stated that expectations for logout appear to differ dramatically
                   In theory, PingFederate supports back-channel logout for SAML
                                  But ~90% of integrations don't include the necessary RP support for this
                   Mobile apps make things even harder
                                  What is the desired behavior for a mobile app?
                   We can probably say something meaningful for interactive sessions
                                  Mobile applications require the back-channel logout
                   Things that could be logged out/revoked include:
                                  interactive sessions
                                  immediate access and refresh tokens
                                  cascaded token revocations
                                  native app logins
                   There could be some kind of an ack back to the server for destroyed objects
                                  Callbacks?  This could be a scalability issue.
                                  Callbacks probably should be its own spec, if we ever do it
                   Brian - implementing SAML logout is really hard and all the options only make it harder!
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