Assurance: Exactly what properties can have the max_age constraint?

Issue #1139 resolved
Takahiko Kawasaki created an issue

“5.3. Defining constraints on Verification Data” defines max_age. From the context, it is apparent that verified_claims/verification/time can have the max_age constraint. However, the definition of max_age is not so clear for developers to reach one interpretation.

Can id_document/time have the max_age constraint? What will it mean if the constraint is given to qes/created_at? How about utility_bill/date? Is id_document/document/date_of_issuance affected?

It might be better to describe explicitly which properties can have the max_age constraint and how the constraint should be interpreted in each case than to leave the interpretation of the constraint to developers.

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  1. Takahiko Kawasaki reporter

    In addition, id_document has time but qes and utility_bill don’t. Is this an intentional difference?

  2. Torsten Lodderstedt

    good point, utility_bill and qes should have it as well. I feel like we should introduce a base class evidence and add all basic attribute, including type, and time - potentially also verifier.

  3. Vladimir Dzhuvinov

    The base class is a good idea, it will make it immediately obvious for potential extensions the minimum set of attributes that must / may be present.

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