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ETSi is tasked to update existing standards and to develop additional ones in order to address the requirements of the eIDAS regulation.

“The scope of the proposed actions is identity proofing for trust services as defined by eIDAS, in particular for issuers of qualified and non-qualified certificates supporting electronic signatures, electronic seals or website certificates. The results of the STF’s work may however be applicable also in other areas such as issuing of electronic identity (eID) and know-your-customer (KYC) processes in various industries.

In particular, guidelines for remote identity proofing are needed to avoid cumbersome and expensive physical presence procedures when possible.OIDF and especially the eKYC group should contribute to this activity.”

Options: liaison or call for expertise

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  1. Stephane Mouy

    I happen to be a member of ETSI STF 588 dealing with this. The first meeting - rather a conference call- took place on 25 March, so this is still very early days to talk about this project, but will be happy to answer any questions in due course.

  2. Mark Haine

    Hi @Stephane Mouy can you update this ticket with the date when ETSI is doing the survey of technical standards?

  3. Stephane Mouy

    This is work in progress - we are now compiling, reviewing and analysing the various technical standards and regulations relevant to identity proofing and hope to circulate a first draft later this month or in early October.

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