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Issue #1178 resolved
Bjorn Hjelm created an issue

Add claim value “MSISDN”. This value is defined in OpenID Connect MODRNA Authentication Profile as “The Subscriber identifier formated according to ITU-T recommendation [E.164]”.

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  1. Bjorn Hjelm reporter

    As stated in the issue, the MSISDN is already defined in the MODRNA Authentication profile and as “telephone number uniquely identifying a subscription in a mobile network.” This attribute (or claim) is often request by RPs to be validated. Is there a reason why it shouldn’t be part of the OpenID Connect for Identity Assurance spec.?

  2. Bjorn Hjelm reporter

    Yes, in MODRNA Authentication profile the misisdn is used in the login_hint_token as proposed in the initial proposal that you co-authored. :-)

    As stated, the proposal was to add the MSISDN as a claim using the definition in MODRNA. Now, we can always rely on the OpenID Connect Core standard claim “phone_number” and the RP will receive a ‘a phone number’ in the response but it may or not be a mobile phone number which is what RPs are commonly asking for. I thought this would be an enhancement (given the requests that MNOs receive) but if that view isn’t shared then we can default to the OpenID Connect Core standard claim.

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