Addition of "Verification result" claim from TISA analysis

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Mark Haine created an issue

As part of analysis by Nick Mothershaw of the TISA project in the UK a proposal for a new claim of "Verification result". This wouyld be used for communicating the state of the identitity verification process.

         "verification_result": "pending",  // Values of "verified", "pending", “part_verified”, ”not-verified", "fraud" //
         "evidence":[  ...

Note - ”not-verified" and "fraud" values are arguably ‘not verified’ should these states would result in the returned data being returned outside of the "verified_claims"

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  1. Julian White

    Do we think this could be covered off by the changes we’ve made on the back of Issue #1224 and PR#54 by using the identity_assurance_level element in the response to say what the state is?

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