Suggested changes to request following TISA analysis

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Mark Haine created an issue

As part of analysis by Nick Mothershaw of the TISA project in the UK looking at AML and KYC there are a number of suggestions to modify or extend the request…

  1. "verification_result":null, // return the verification result from the IdP //
  2. “name” claim structure

    • ...
                     "given_name":{"essential": true},
                     [ middle_name: null ],
                     "family_name":{"essential": true}
  3. Addition of NINO claim (National Insurance in the case of UK - but this could be pehaps genericised)

  4. Addition of “previous_address” claim as an array
  5. Addition of "evidenced_by"

    • // for each claim element returned show and arrany of which evidences the claim has come from. This could be requested at an individual claim element level, but that would be messy //

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