Addition of "evidenced_by" list of references to evidences to response - from TISA analysis

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Mark Haine created an issue

As part of analysis by Nick Mothershaw of the TISA project in the UK a proposal for a list of evidences associated with each claim returned in order that the relying party can clearly determine which claims are suppoirted by which evidences.

            { "title":"Miss", "evidenced_by" [ "txn":"676q3636461467647q8498785747q484" , "txn":"676q3636461467647q8498785747q485" ] },
            { "given_name":"Rita", "evidenced_by" [ "txn":"676q3636461467647q8498785747q486" , "txn":"676q3636461467647q8498785747q485" ] },

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  1. Torsten Lodderstedt

    OIDC4IDA represents such a relationship by the fact claims and evidence are contained verified_claims object. Consequently, if there are different verification processes using different evidence for different claims, they could be represented as multiple verified_claims elements. I suggest we explore this option before considering new syntax.

  2. Mark Haine reporter

    There are some examples of options to achieve this in branch “use cases” under TISA/evidenced_by.

    I believe @Torsten Lodderstedt is adding in an approach that follows the current draft 11.

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