Claim name length

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Mark Haine created an issue

Quote from RFC 7519 “Claim Name: The name requested (e.g., "iss"). Because a core goal of this specification is for the resulting representations to be compact, it is RECOMMENDED that the name be short -- that is, not to exceed 8 characters without a compelling reason to do so.“

6 of the 7 claims in section 3.1 “Additional Claims about End-Users” ire longer than 8 characters

What shall we do?

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  1. Nat Sakimura

    So, the eKYC spec will put a lot of claims in the payload, and the claim name length tends to be less of the problem.

  2. Brian Campbell

    Compactness is less of a concern in the context here and I’d say those names are fine being a bit longer.

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