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ekyc-ida / eKYC-IDA_Meeting_Notes_2020-04-15


  • Mark Haine
  • Nat Sakimura
  • Bjorn Hjelm
  • Daniel Fett
  • Dima Postnikov
  • Don Thibeau
  • Kosuke Koiwai
  • Naohiro Fujie
  • Nich Mothershaw
  • Taylor Ongaro
  • Victor Herraiz
  • Anthony Nadalin
  • Jan Kelin
  • Stephane Mouy
  • Tim Cappalli
  • Wesley Dunnington
  • Alberto Pulido


  • Brief review of external Orgs & Events
  • PRs and Ticket
  • Presentation - Expression language Update - Victor Herraiz

Brief review of external Orgs & Events

  • European commission - Stephane
    • discussing how to integrate eKYC services into the eIDAS framework effectively
    • will prove update maybe on the next call
  • SWIFT - Don
    • Don will continue to discuss with SWIFT forks and will share updates in 3 or 4 weeks
  • ISO - Anthony
    • in activity on ISO, Anthony have been working to define levels of confidence and have been trying to map them with eKYC on the top of eIDAS, NIST SP800-63 trust frameworks
    • Anthony will share bit more detail on this in the next week
    • The approach is similar to “model_elements” which is raised as ticket #1191 and will continue to discuss on the ticket
    • Nat described of a new work item proposal on TC68 on eKYC on mobile. It’s up on the voting for now
    • It’s going to be one another blocking item that it will be might on ISO
    • Nat will share the details with the liaison committee
    • Nat will add Mark to the liaison committee

PRs and Ticket

  • #1190, #1191, #1192, #1193 from TISA analysis
    • raised from the discussion around the presentation last week.
    • "verification result", "model_elements", "suggested changes", "evidenced_by"
    • Currently assigned to Mark but Nick will take over to manage on these issues
  • #1189
    • skipped
  • #1097 Supporting Legal Entities
    • eKYC for Legal Entities is complex issue, so it would be good to start from simple use cases.
    • Review Torsten’s document on this
  • #1167
    • skipped
  • #1188 Embedded liability implications
    • from some point of view, there is opinion that this is a technical specification and we should not cover the issue of liability
    • but at the same time, it would be very useful to consider how liability mitigation of dealt with because they are going to be extremely relevant
    • for example, in the financial institutions, they have different jurisdictional boundaries and they have different liability concerns, it is responsibilities of solution implementation of the spec definition
    • Don shared OIX papers 1, 2 on the topic of liability in identity systems which had considered on conformance to the standard and compliance to the regulation.
    • Assign this ticket to Don and Nick.

Presentation - Expression language Update - Victor Herraiz, Alberto Pulido

  • Victor have presented about Santandar’s activities on Digital Trust.
  • The main motivation on this activity is for example, “Proof he/she is over 18 years old without sharing actual value” by verifying whether the answer of a question is true or false
  • using expression language, RP can ask OP whether the value of claim is equal to the value which RP knows.
  • matches values after normalize the value, such as capitalize.
  • so far is not support language localization of claim values
  • to support claim hash functions to privacy concern on OP, use hashed values to be matched
  • supporting multiple expressions, combination of “greater than and less than”, and/or.
  • Alberto showed demo implementation on job recruiting company