Undefined OAuth response parameter "user_id" appears in the text

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Nat Sakimura created an issue

Where is "user_id" defined?

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  1. Anoop Saxena

    • This is custom attribute added to OAUTH token response. • The use case : o Since clients are taking customer to bank website. o The customer enters user name and password on bank website and clients app only gets a token without a user identity o If clients have to present back bank website during re-authentication flow. Customer may enter different set of user name and password which results in totally different set of accounts data. o This user-id is unique identity of customer that got authenticated within OAUTH flow to get token.

  2. Nat Sakimura reporter

    Thanks Anoop. Then, it is more or less the same with ID Token and ID Token Hint, except that it has more properties.

  3. Nat Sakimura reporter

    Suggest that we then use ID Token and ID Token hint for our purpose, and put a NOTE saying that in DDA 1.0, a custom variable user_id is being used.

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