How do I find AccountID to use in transfer?

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Nat Sakimura created an issue

When I want to transfer money from one account to another, I seem to need FromAccountID and ToAccountID. How can I find the AccountID? Is it the Access Token or Refresh Token?

Do I need a permission of the Account Owner to send money to his account? How do I get the AccountID that represents the other person's account?

In Japan, typically, a sender needs to specify:

  • BankID
  • BranchID
  • AccountType
  • AccountNumber
  • AccountName in Katakana

Then, the sending bank makes a request to receiving bank to verify that these details matches and creates a transfer object with the amount entered by the user and the user's withdrawal account details. The user must specify from which account the money should be withdrawn.

This transfer object is then shown to the user, and the user commits to it.

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  1. Edmund Jay

    The FromAccountID and ToAccountID seems to refer to the AccountID of AccountDescriptor which is a superclass of an Account. However, AccountID is only unique to the owning institution so not sure how to ensure universal uniqueness or how to obtain it from the owning institution. The Account object contains an AccountNumber and RoutingTransitNumber and MicrNumber( contains RoutingTransitNumber, AccountNumber, CheckNumber). These are usually enough to identify banking accounts in the US.

    The OFX spec uses objects for FromAccountID and ToAccountID in the transfer request instead of just an AccountID. The objects contain BankID, BranchID, AccountType, AccountID, AccountKey. So perhaps, the transfer request can follow that format.

  2. Nat Sakimura reporter
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    Anoop explained to me that DDA currently allows the transfer of the fund between different accounts belonging to the same customer in the bank, e.g., from checking to saving.

    I think we can close this.

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