charset not needed for application/json media type

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Brian Campbell created an issue

According to no "charset" parameter is defined for “application/json” and adding one really has no effect on compliant recipients.

FAPI probably shouldn’t be requiring it then.

However, 6.2.1. Protected resources provisions in part one has “shall send the Content-type HTTP header Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8 if applicable;”

Which is arguably harmless because it is UTF-8 anyway but there are currently conformance test suite tests which are requiring that the charset parameter be present and pointing to that FAPI clause.



FAPI-R-6.2.1-10 FAPI-R-6.2.1-9

Response charset not declared


‌ application/json

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  1. Joseph Heenan

    Discussed on today’s WG call; Brian commented that it’s really not required to specify the charset explicitly as it’s already the default. Stuart commented that the Australian spec probably explicitly says to exclude the charset; the OB spec often doesn’t include it too.

    Brian agreed to propose a pull request (thanks Brian!).

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