Splitting WD1 further

Issue #29 resolved
Nat Sakimura created an issue

Currently, we have proposed structure of

part 1: Read Only API part 2: Read Write API

The discussion on the call 14th Sept. suggests that part 1 should be further split, so it would look like:

  • part 1: Read Only API Security
  • part 2: Read Only Data API
  • part 3: Read Write API Security
  • part 4: Read Write Data API

Further, it may be possible to split the Read Only Data API so that it will be

  • part 1: Read Only API Security
  • part 2: Read Write API Security
  • part 3: Open Data API
  • part 4: Read Only Data API
  • part 5: Read Write Data API

Comments (8)

  1. Anoop Saxena

    I think it is great idea .. two parts (Part1 : one for read group together and Part: for write)

    All API are protected resource ... Why do we need part3 "Protected resource data API". Are we thinking to provide un-protected resources such as server/ capability or /atm or /branches?

  2. Nat Sakimura reporter

    Hi Anoop,

    Open Data APIs are one of the requirements in the UK Open Banking Standard. They are unprotected resources like ATM locations, products descriptions, etc.

    Also, the parts that are labeled "Security" does not describe anything about the Data APIs themselves. They are going to state only the security requirements.

    As to the Data APIs are concerned, I am wondering if further split is needed, e.g., Commercial Banking, Investment Banking, Insurance, etc.

    Also, I am in the opinion that there needs to be a minimum viable version of the APIs. We, as a WG, should think about that as well.

  3. Anoop Saxena

    The challenge on further splits ... you will have one endpoint/Server that can provide all data sets for banking, investment and insurance. Clients will then need to implement multiple APIs to get data for one customer that has all accounts.

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