5.2 - te - More fine grained scope needed

Issue #31 resolved
Nat Sakimura created an issue

Currently, we have only one Read Only scope: FinancialInformation

Perhaps we need a more fine grained scope.

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  1. Nat Sakimura reporter

    In the call yesterday, Sascha pointed out that the users at least want to know whether it will be read only or read-write. Does that imply that we need a structured scope ?

  2. Anoop Saxena

    Like the prefix of "r" ... rAccount...rCustomer

    1. So when write operation is needed .. I am thinking wAccount or WCustomer???
  3. Nat Sakimura reporter

    Actually, there can be several types of "write" operation, are there not? I wonder if we should have separate scopes for Create, Update, and Delete.

  4. Anoop Saxena

    Yes there are various of operation similar to CRUD can be done for given entity (Account or transaction) . There are features as well such as transfer, billpay.

  5. Sascha Preibisch

    I think the problem is that we will end up very fast with a huge list of "small" scopes. I have seen that in a project I was working on.

    I think when we refer to "read" it is straight forward, reading the account balance for example. But "write"? What is written to an account? A new account alias as "My empty account"?

    It is probably important to come up with a list of actions that could be taken on typical bank entities such "account" or "customer". Once that list is complete we should be able to categorize what actions can be taken and then we can come up with a list of (not too many) scope's.

  6. Nat Sakimura reporter

    @SaschaZeGerman Agreed. From the customer's point of view, unlike "read", "write" is way too abstract. It should be tied to the use cases rather than the data models, I suppose.

  7. Dave Tonge

    I agree with @SaschaZeGerman and @Nat my understanding of use cases are: - List accounts - Read account balance - Read account transactions - Make transaction - Add payee

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