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This is the official repository for OpenID Foundation Financial API (FAPI) Working Group.

What is this repository for?

  • Financial API
  • Version 0.1

OpenID Foundation FAPI Working Group is creating a Financial API standard that is applicable internationally. It is taking requirements from Open Banking Standard document, and has started working on based on the contributed FS-ISAC Durable Data API.

You can find the overview and rationale of the working group at the WG page.

Contribution guidelines

  • You MUST Execute Contributor Agreement either by
    • Electronic Signature and notify openid-specs-fapi-owner@lists.openid.net; OR
    • print this PDF and fill, sign, scan, and send it to openid-specs-fapi-owner@lists.openid.net.
  • You MUST file an issue to the issue tracker before contributing a code.
  • You MUST test that the contributed code compiles without error.

Who do I talk to?

  • The chairs of the WG can be reached at openid-specs-fapi-owner@lists.openid.net