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resolves Issue #192 by rewording authorization_signed_response_alg client metadata parameter to more clearly suggest that the default is applied when doing the signing and not that the default needs to be applied and persisted with client config or registration
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Lodging Intent: Minor edits and Security Considerations
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First attempt at the intro to the FAPI spec
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Replace references to RFC6736 with RFC7636
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Replace references to RFC6736 with RFC7636
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This is the official repository for OpenID Foundation Financial API (FAPI) Working Group.

What is this repository for?

  • Financial API
  • Version 0.1

OpenID Foundation FAPI Working Group is creating a Financial API standard that is applicable internationally. It is taking requirements from Open Banking Standard document, and has started working on based on the contributed FS-ISAC Durable Data API.

You can find the overview and rationale of the working group at the WG page.

Contribution guidelines

  • You MUST Execute Contributor Agreement either by
    • Electronic Signature and notify openid-specs-fapi-owner@lists.openid.net; OR
    • print this PDF and fill, sign, scan, and send it to openid-specs-fapi-owner@lists.openid.net.
  • You MUST file an issue to the issue tracker before contributing a code.
  • You MUST test that the contributed code compiles without error.

Who do I talk to?

  • The chairs of the WG can be reached at openid-specs-fapi-owner@lists.openid.net