CIBA: Pragma: no-cache

Issue #125 resolved
Takahiko Kawasaki created an issue

Examples of responses from the server (e.g. the example in 7.3. Successful Authentication Request Acknowledgement) include Cache-Control: no-store but don't include Pragma: no-cache. This is different from examples in RFC 6749. Is there any reason for this difference?

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  1. Brian Campbell

    I suspect the real reason is that when the examples were done in CIBA, they were started by copying and pasting a <figure ... > from somewhere that didn't have Pragma: no-cache in the response.

    A better answer IMHO is that Pragma: no-cache is not actually defined to have meaning as an HTTP response header - see the note at the end of the section - and I'd prefer not to propagate it by way of inclusion in examples.

    A more nuanced answer is that there are or were apparently transparent caching proxies or something that aren't HTTP 1.1 compliant and do consider the Pragma: no-cache as a no cache signal. So that's maybe why it keeps showing up. Some more can be seen in this old thread:

    But examples are non-normative and them not having a Pragma: no-cache in the response headers doesn't preclude your (or any) implementation from include it, if for whatever reason doing so is deemed appropriate.

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