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  1. Matthieu Verdier

    The here under proposed wording of the "dtbs" query parameter to support eSignature services

    query parameter


    OPTIONAL. string : Data to be signed. Implements electronic signature service. When the OpenID Connect request is going through a public User Agent the “dtbst” query parameter should be protected from tampering and eavesdropping by third parties and be a JWT signed and encrypted by the RP. A “eSignature”JWS (JSON Web Signature) containing the signature of the dtbs is returned as an attribute of the id_token

  2. Matthieu Verdier

    It would be useful to describe OPTIONAL data type to ease the use of the parameter notably a document uri. MODRNA OP should describe which type of documents it can support.


    string : OPTIONAL text to be signed
    document_uri : OPTIONAL uri of document to be signed.
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