acr_values request parameter as RECOMMENDED

Issue #27 resolved
Jörg Connotte created an issue

acr_values request parameter is to be declared recommended in the specification to encourage the usage of the parameter for the relying party. In conjunction with issue #14 ( a default value is to be specified. The Proposal from Mobile Connect is to state loa2 as default if the parameter is not transmitted

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  1. Torsten Lodderstedt

    How does RP signal to OP it wants to use MODRNA profile (Mobile Connect)? Options: MODRNA-specific acr vaues or additional registration meta data. We decided to go with: MODRNA-specific acr values turn on MODRNA (Mobile Connect), a subset is mandatory to implement by a MODRNA-compliant OP

  2. Jörg Connotte reporter

    Define acr_values request parameter as MANDATORY to allow the OP to distinguish between a Mobile Connect authentication request and a standard OpenID Connect request.

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