Software Statement Revocation

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Torsten Lodderstedt created an issue

How does the OP determine a software statement's state? Is there a kind of CRL or OCSP responder to actually obtain the status?

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  1. Torsten Lodderstedt reporter

    John proposed at the Technical Workshop in DA that revocation of software statement could be handled by a central service provided by OIX (based on block chaining?)

    Advantage: issuer of a software statement does not need to provide 24/7 service for statement revocation checks.

  2. gffletch

    I think this depends on who issues the software statement. If it is issued by the OP then it should be pretty easy for the OP to know a software statement it issued is no longer valid. However, if the deployment model allows a different entity to issue a software statement then I don’t think that is specified anywhere.

    I can think of solutions using a JWS with a jti claim and using the issuer claim to query the issuer to determine status. This may need to be specified if needed.

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