Provide feedback/review specification of PremiumInfo/UserInfo

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Torsten Lodderstedt created an issue
  • We had a discussion about the need to have an additional PremiumInfo endpoint.
  • Use of UserInfo is preferred
  • Additional Mobile Connect claims shall be defined in GSMA/MC namespace, short form of claims names shall registered in claims registry

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  1. Torsten Lodderstedt reporter

    Siva will prepare a table containing all currently designed or planned additional claims. And the WG will review this table and give feedback.

    We will have a discussion what it takes to include all MC claims into UserInfo.

  2. Siva Boyalakuntla Account Deactivated


    We have carefully considered in MC. PremiumInfo endpoint is based on Userinfo endpoint. Previously GSMA thought that prefixing MC specific claims with a GSMA namespace and using user info. However, due to the priority of the commercial success of Mobile Connect at this phase, we do not have to want to change the specifications. Hence, we will use premiumInfo endpoint for all attributes. However, we are not mandating the value of the premium info endpoint. Following options are possible.

    Importantly, MC has introduced 'service specific resource endpoint', which follows the semantics of premium info endpoint.

    So, IDGW has the following flexibility when deploying a resource endpoint.

    1. premium info endpoint TAG will be available as part of IDGW registration for MC.
    2. premium info endpoint value can be same as user info endpoint.
    3. MC attributes are NOT prefixed with GSMA endpoint. All are plain only.
    4. IDGW can expose service specific endpoint instead of a shared resource endpoint [ like premium info end point] and deploy the services.

    For the moment, we are creating GSMA namespaces to prefix all MC endpoints. Moreover, 'service specific endpoint' is introduced, so there is no necessity to prefix MC attributes.

    Note : we can close this issue, because MC has moved forward with service specific resource endpoint concept.

    best regards, /Siva

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