CIBA Terminology: Consumption Device

Issue #53 resolved
Axel Nennker created an issue

The current definition of Consumption Device stems from front-channel use case and CIBA copied the text from MODRNA Authentication:

In CIBA we do not necessarily have an user-agent in the user's control. More often the CD is operated by the RP like e.g. an ATM

I suggest to change the text explaining CD in CIBA's Terminology Section. Proposals welcome!

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  1. Axel Nennker reporter

    How about this text to explain CD?

    The Consumption Device is the device that helps the user consume the SP’s service. 
    In CIBA use cases the user is not necessarily in control of the CD but the CD is in the control of an SP agent (e.g. at a Bank teller) or SP controlled device (e.g. a petrol pump).
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