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Huie-Ying Lee
7050151 migrate pam_pkcs11 from sfw to userland
Kevin Crowe
7052146 migrate libsndfile to userland
Craig Mohrman
7052443 library/perl-5/database and library/perl-5/dateabase-584 cannot be installed together
Petr Sumbera
7002141 Problem with utility/apache
Vladimir Marek
7008707 Problem with library/wxwidgets
Norm Jacobs
7052372 lablgtk and unison can find the wrong compiler when building
Danek Duvall
7051367 zsh 4.3.12
Mike Sullivan
7024583 Problem with library/libxml
7049040 Problem with network/dns
Petr Sumbera
7038523 Problem with network/wireshark
Srinivasa Sarva
7048757 Move tidy to Userland
Rishi Srivatsavai
PSARC 2011/043 Import ISC DHCP
April Chin
7044076 move sudo from sfw to userland
Petr Sumbera
7045614 Move Apache Web server to userland
craig mohrman
7050602 userland consolidation should build with perl 5.12 by default
Bart Smaalders
7048937 python should not die from SIGABRT when user passes bogus fd to os.fstat
Wyllys Ingersoll
7050000 tss_defines.h needs an MRK UUID definition
Petr Sumbera
7049760 Move libexpat to userland
Norm Jacobs
7046817 cups failed to print due to file permission on rastertogutenprint.5.2
Mike Sullivan
7049923 /usr/bin/wish missing on snv_166
Norm Jacobs
7047520 move perl-xml-parser and perl-xml-simple to userland consolidation (fix xml-parser version)
Ali Bahrami
7047020 etags mangles paths starting with "./"
Norm Jacobs
Added tag build-167 for changeset 6518166b581c
Norm Jacobs
7047461 "temporarily" restore sfw version of ipmitool to userland
Mike Sullivan
7048447 apr.h is broken
Norm Jacobs
7044174 Move samba(s) and its dependencies to Userland. (fix top-level depend)
Mike Sullivan
7047978 move lablgtk/unison to userland
Jiri Sasek
7044174 Move samba(s) and its dependencies to Userland.
Norm Jacobs
7031528 move wxGTK to userland (fix build version)
Vladimir Marek
7031528 move wxGTK to userland
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