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I have concerns about the following page:

It states that "Cell styles are shared between objects and once they have been assigned they cannot be changed." I believe that this is not true, e.g., one can do the following:

from openpyxl.styles import colors from openpyxl.styles import Font, Color from openpyxl import Workbook wb = Workbook() ws =

a1 = ws['A1'] red = Font(color=colors.RED) blue= Font(color=colors.BLUE) a1.font= red a1.font= blue

(At least, it runs without generating any error).

One can even do this:

red.color= colors.BLUE

So, I'd like to suggest that the above text be reworded as follows: "Cell styles are shared between objects. Consequently, once a cell style has been assigned, attributes cannot be changed on a cell-by-cell basis. One can modify an attribute of the style, in which case this affects all cells to which that style has been applied."

Phillip M. Feldman

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