Install instructions out of date, pip dependencies?

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Matthew Brett
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Thanks for openpyxl ...

I just noticed that, in your current docs, you advise developers to download and use Christoph Gohlke's wheels for lxml:

Testing just now, it looks as if openpyxl does not need lxml - at least, it does not come down with "pip install lxml". But - lxml has had Windows wheels for a while - now back through version 4.0.0.

Maybe worth amending the install instructions to reflect this?

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  1. CharlieC

    Thanks for the note. You definitely need lxml to run the tests and hence submit any code. There have been wheels for a while but the last time I checked I still got errors if I didn't use a download cache for Windows.

  2. Matthew Brett reporter

    I just checked the pip install into a fresh VM - no errors for the install. Were you thinking of some other error, after import? I will try to reproduce them, if so.

  3. CharlieC

    I was checking this on my Windows VM and while lxml is indeed playing nicely, I'm now seeing problems with Pandas. There is a workaround using the awful only-binary flag but I'm not sure how this should be documented.

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