Guideline/ example for using pivot package

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hoangnhan votran created an issue

I need to create some pivot table from a data sheet in excel file. I found that openpyxl have add pivot package from ver. 2.5:

But it's hard to understand how to use this package. May you add some more example source code of using pivot package to add pivot to excel file.

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  1. CharlieC

    Pivot tables are very complicated and support was mainly added to preserve them in existing files. I do not expect that we will ever provide full documentation of how to create them in code.

  2. hoangnhan votran reporter

    Thanks for your support. I will move to solution of using a template file with pivot and update data only. Hope it work well with my app.

  3. CharlieC

    That's what I'd suggest. Support for existing pivots is pretty good and it is possible to make minor changes to them, though it's probably a good idea to have the relevant section of the OOXML to hand if you do this.

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