have optimized writer create first worksheet by default

Issue #113 resolved
slestak created an issue

The Workbook class appear to create an empty worksheet when using the normal writer. For consistency, can the optimized writer do likewise?

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  1. slestak reporter

    One side effect of the current state is the optimized writer cannot make an empty workbook.

  2. Eric Gazoni

    may I propose it only does so if there is no worksheet at all created ? Because I find it handy not to have to delete the first worksheet before starting to dump my data into a workbook, and just creating the sheets I need. But on the other side, as long as it's documented, I do not really mind, it's a reasonable request indeed.

  3. CharlieC

    Why would you delete an empty worksheet?

    wb = Workbook(write_only=True)
    ws = wb.active # currently wb.create_sheet()

    We can probably clarify whether we should change with some sample code. I suppose that if you're planning to create a lot of sheets you don't want different behaviour for the first sheet.

  4. CharlieC

    Upon reflection I agree that this shouldn't happen by default. And if a workbook is empty, what's the point of using the optimised writer? If there is a need it should happen when saving the file.

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