Column width returns 0.0 for some columns

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Kai B created an issue

I unzipped an xlsx and investigated the sheets1.xml.

In the section <cols> i found the following entry:

<col width="8.140625" style="96" min="7" max="10" customWidth="1" outlineLevel="1"/>

=> which coressponds to the col 7 to 10 in Excel. All Columns are visible and have the same size in Excel.

However, if i iterate through all columns via:

for i in range(sheet.max_column):
     column_letter = openpyxl.utils.cell.get_column_letter(i + 1)
     width = sheet.column_dimensions[column_letter].width
     print "Column %s: %s" % (column_letter, width)

i receive the following output:

Column G: 8.140625 Column H: 0.0 Column I: 0.0 Column J: 0.0

It seems like openpyxl doesn't take in account, that the width for all 4 columns is specified in one entry within the xml.

I checked with latest commit of 2.6 branch.

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  1. CharlieC

    If you iterate like this you openpyxl will create new column dimensions objects on-demand; this is so that you can add them more easily. If you only want to look at the ones created, you'll need to loop over the .keys() or .items()

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