API to extract OLE attachments.

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AlainPannetier created an issue

Is there an API to extract OLE attachments from xl/embeddings subfolder?

I started doing this through ghex but now I have one excel with tens of attachments.

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  1. CharlieC

    If there is then openpyxl doesn't currently support it. Assuming it follows the standard packaging conventions then it should be fairly straightforward to implement.

  2. AlainPannetier reporter

    Thanks. I've looked into it. The problem is that the binary format of the "ole bin" attachment seems to be attachment type dependent. I've hacked somthing dirty for zip and pdf ant it ran.

  3. CharlieC

    So you just want to access the files and don't care about the embedding in the spreadsheet itself? That's probably best done with your own code. You might get some additional information from the manifest.

    OOXML does have some OLE controls dotted around but I haven't looked at them in detail.

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