Issues about formulae result/formulae when excel file is created/saved

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Yon Liu
created an issue


Create excel file:

excelpath = str(PATH('testexcel.xlsx'))
wb = Workbook()
sheetrp = wb.create_sheet(title='Report')
sheetrp['A1'] = 1
sheetrp['A2'] = 3
sheetrp['B20'] = '=SUM(A1:A2)'

Load existing excel file:

excelpath = str(PATH('testexcel.xlsx'))
excelwb = load_workbook(excelpath, data_only=True)
report = excelwb['Report']


a. After excel file is created, when reading the formulae result using "data_only=True", it always return None.

b. If write formulae into excel file using "data_only=True", it returns formulae before being saved and returns None after being saved

c. If write formulae into excel file/save excel using "data_only=False", and then read again using "data_only=True", it always return None.

b. Returns formulae result if excel file is manually created, or open and save the excel file manually

In a nutshell,

  1. when I create a sheet by coding, I could not read the formulae result

  2. when I read an existing excel file, the formulae I wrote into it is ineffective. I could not get the formulae result

  3. I could only get the formulae after manually open and save the excel file. but this is ridiculous

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