PatternFill to color results in black dot pattern

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Bouni created an issue

I try to set the background color of a cell in an existing xlsx file, if I use the following code the result is a black and white dot pattern and not a full color background (See attachment):

wb = load_workbook(sys.argv[1])
ws =
ws['A1'].fill = PatternFill(fgColor=Color('FFEE1111'), fill_type = "solid")"fill.xlsx")

If I open the original xlsx with my Excel 2010 and just hit save and run my openpyxl script again, the cell gets the right color. I guess its a problem with my original file but I don't know where to search for an error in there. Also the original file has 11kb and when I hit save, it goes up to 17kb.

Any ideas what can cause theis problem?

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