Extended Reading Capability of Excel Files (Images, Charts, Text Formatting, Cell Comments etc.)

Issue #1352 closed
Björn Steinhagen created an issue

Issue: Writing information from a Pandas DF to existing workbook gives issues due to images and formatting embedded in existing workbook

Is there a possibility of extending Openpyxl’s ‘load_workbook’ and ExcelWriter (in Pandas) functionality to preserve an existing workbook’s formatting such as text subscripts etc. as well as images and charts such that it doesn’t produce a ‘recover’ prompt when trying to open up the workbook that Openpyxl wrote to?

My existing workbook has headers with sub- and superscripts important for displaying Engineering parameters, when re-opening the workbook all of the headers have defaulted back to normal case. Although these headers are not written as part of the Pandas DF, they are originally written in the Excel workbook therefore would be an enhancement if Openpyxl can preserve this formatting.

Thanks in advance!

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