DataValidation - Unable to set attar to show dropdown.

Issue #229 resolved
Steven Klass
created an issue

Hi there,

Perhaps it's just me but I would like to be able to show the drop down on a list data validation. It appears as though I should be able to set the attr_map to showDropDown:1 and it should work but I'm speculating.

            formula = u'"{choices}"'.format(choices=u",".join(item.choices))
            attr_map = default_attr_map.copy()
            attr_map['showDropDown'] = 1

            data_validation = DataValidation(
                ValidationType.LIST, formula1=str(formula),  allow_blank=True,

Unfortuntatly this is now working :( If I understood where this actually gets tied in I'd whip up the patch as this looks pretty trivial. I'd also figure out a proper way to handle this when "," are in the list of strings..

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